Muse is the guiding force behind this entire project. The Muse inspires us to create beautiful things, and we are seeking to do just that using the plethora of technology currently available.


Muse began with a small gallery of NFT art on the Ethereum block chain, powered by, Rarible and MakersPlace. Muse installed its first real world exhibition at the Terrapin Station Treehouse Compound, The Laboratory, a digital artpiece by Daniel Ignacio. The collection has grown, and Muse is now seeking out additional physical locations to display art.

Ethereal Art

Muse is the world's first Multiversalart gallery, meaning it displays art in more than one reality. Muse presents a sort of quantum art experience, with many pieces only accessible through Ethereal Access Points.

Ethereal Galleries

- Terrapin Station Treehouse Compound
- 11:11 Camp
-Forest Path
-Ethereal Creek
Ethereal galleries are locations where viewers can enjoy art that transcends the boundaries of our physical reality. Since Muse is attempting to redefine the way art is enjoyed, we must also toss out the traditional connotation of the word 'gallery.' The word 'gallery' currently implies a four-walled cesspool of snobs, which in many ways is the complete antithesis of art. We adorn fine oil paintings with extravagantly carved wood, yet we frame collections of fine oil paintings in tasteless white rooms.

It is a direct mockery of nature to attempt to preserve a piece of art into eternity, thus rendering laborious conservation efforts futile. In fact, many works of art intrigue viewers exclusively by their impermanence. It is time that we free ourselves from the constraints of gallery art. Artistic masterpieces of the human race deserve to be framed by the ephemeral walls of natural beauty.
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